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ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations 14 Orange and 18U!
Congratulations to Arsenal 14 Orange and 18U for each winning Gold in Dearborn the weekend of May 4 and 5!
ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations Shalynn Garmon!
Author: Dave Conley
Congratulations to Shalynn Garmon who recently committed to continuing her Volleyball career at Defiance College.  Shalynn played high school Volleyball for the Clay Eagles and is currently playing on the Arsenal 18U team.  Good luck Shalyn
ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations Tierney McClure!
Author: Dave Conley
Congratulations to Tierney McClure on her committment to Kenyon College where she will continue her Volleyball career this fall. Tierney is a Middle Hitter who played her HS volleyball at Bowsher, and is currently playing on our Arsenal 18U team. Go
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