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Season Starts Jan 5!

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September 2015
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2015-2016 USAV Age Definitions
Author: Dave Conley
Below are the USAV Age Definitions for the 2015-2016 Volleyball season. 18U – born on or after Sep1, 1997 17U – born on or after Sep1, 1998 16U – born on or after Sep1, 1999 15U – born on or after Sep1, 2000 14U – born on or after Sep1, 2001
2015 / 2016 Volleyball Tryouts
Author: Dave Conley
2015/2016 Volleyball Tryouts Main Tryout Date/Time:  The following will take place at Rossford Recreation Center: 10U                    &nbs
Follow Arsenal's National Team this week
Follow the Arsenal National team at the below link.  There is more than one club at Nationals called Arsenal, our club's team is listed as Arsenal 15U in the !5 Club division.
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